Today's Structure is Tomorrow's Balance

Wellness Founder, Owner, CEO, Recovery Residence Administrator (RRA), Advanced Certified Recovery Prevention Specialist (ACRPS)

Meet Katrina L Chase >

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Katrina Chase, is honored to be in the position. She gained the knowledge and training to introduce faith back to the relapse and sobriety process. Maintaining structure with accountability and procedures sets the foundation for healthy living practices at
Roots to Recovery.
Katrina also provides caring and personalized assistance to all of our residents.

Certified and Trained Live-in House
and Community Leader

Meet your 24/7 support >

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Trained and Certified live-in leader

who over-sees residents, while using person-centered, non-clinical

supervised care.

Live-in trained professional who oversees
daily operations of Recovery Residence.
Supports residents 24/7 developing recovery plans,
leads weekly "House Meeting" and "Family Dinner", 

conducts inspections and drug screenings,
and arranges activities in home and 
in the community for our residents.

Holistic Meditation & Yoga (including prenatal)

 Programs daily, at the Roots to Recovery home. The instructor offers constant compassion while maintaining appropriate boundaries to provide a safe, considerate session to recovery residents.

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